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Ornament World Featured Article:Hanging Ornaments for Love, Peace and Joy  Xiangbao, literally, aroma pouch, is a Chinese lucky charm with a long history. Also called "Hebao" or "Xiangdai" in ancient times, it was made out of colorful silk or elegant fabric and traditionally contained mixed Chinese herb powder which was believed to expel the evil spirit and wickedness, and to bring auspiciousness and prosperity, turning bad luck to good luck. The popularity contributed to its being served as a love token exchanged between lovers and a lucky charm given among friends. It has been passed down as a work of art. Today, Xiangbao is simply a token wishing for better lives. These exotic ornaments are gracefully articulated in various styles. Often with double-sided art work, some present mini embroidered clothing and boots; others are in heart shape with the character of happiness on it; still others express wishes for peace at home and safety on the road. They can be hung on door knobs at home, on the office wall, in your car as car charms, or simply on the tree for holiday decorations. It can be attached to anywhere as you wish, such as music instruments, handbags, backpacks. They are an ideal gift for spiritual wellbeing and best wishes for the New Year, or simply keep one for your own protection.

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