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Welcome to LexaLu.com! When leaves are turning colors and falling on the motherly earth, we do not just pass by; when oceans roar, drumming mountains of rocks, we are there to catch the waves.  If a heart is heavy in need of spiritual strengths, Lexalu is here to give a little comfort.  In celebration, Lexalu cheers you on.  Lexalu is your source for eco-friendly and healthy home, office and fashion choices.  Lexalu goes beyond just to help match your wardrobes or decorate your places. You have something from LexaLu, and hopefully, the rest will fall into its place. Here is a highlight of Lexalu’s unique products and services.

LexaLu Bamboo for Living From head to toe, home to office, deodorizer to art, LexaLu Bamboo for Living features eco-friendly quality bamboo items to bring you comfort and to bring style to your place, including a variety of Bamboo Collapsible Baskets and Coasters; Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer and Humidifier Pouches; Bamboo Vinegar and Charcoal Soap Bars; Bamboo Fiber Socks & Towels; Bamboo Kitchen & Table Sets; Bamboo Office Organizers and Pen Holders; and even Bamboo Back Scratcher with massage wheels. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and an eco-friendly, versatile and renewable resource. See featured article Bamboo for Living.

LexaLu Healthy Food & Snack provides the healthiest and the most convenient choices of food, snack and drinks with high protein and nutrition, such as seaweeds, curry, beancurds, edamame, dry fruits, and ginger tea.  We provide amazing choices for travelers and vegetarians as well as LexaLu Quick Recipes & Tips.

Jewelry and Style   LexaLu Jewelry Lines are all about natural stones and unique designs with mixed media, fabric and woven in particular. Natural stones, after thousands of years of formation and reformation, are believed to possess healing features. It is a way for you to connect with nature and strength your spiritual well-being. For example, Rose Quartz attracts love and business. Rutilated Quartz, on the other hand, brings fortune and health. A piece of jewelry, a symbol or an expression of love, peace and joy, reflects history and culture. Our fabric and woven ethnic necklaces, earrings and bracelets are rare collections of distinctive style.  Spiritual Jewelry, including Tibetan Style, conveys deep spiritual meaning.  For your style, view items listed in this category: popular hair accessories, sleek cuff links, sports watches, handmade purses and handbags, unusual buttons and beads, just name a few.

The Art of Space   The Lexalu Art of Space presents Hanging Ornaments –- Xiangbao, literally, aroma pouch, is a Chinese lucky charm with a long history. Also called “Hebao” or “Xiangdai” in ancient times, it is made out of colorful and elegant silk or cloth, and traditionally containing mixed Chinese herb powder, which is believed to expel the evil spirit and wickedness, and to bring auspiciousness and prosperity, turning bad luck to good luck. It has served as a love token exchanged between lovers and a charm given among friends. It has been passed down as a work of art, and today, it is simply a token wishing for better life.  It is an exotic ornament, gracefully articulated in various styles. With double sided art work, some present mini embroidered clothing and boots; others are in heart shape with the character of happiness on it; still others express wishes for peace at home, fortune in the office and safety on the road. It can be hung on door knobs at home, or on the office wall, or in your car, or simply on the tree for holiday decorations. It can be attached to anything as you wish, such as music instruments, handbags, and backpacks -- an ideal gift for spiritual wellbeing, protection, inspiration and best of luck.  Magnets are of a variety of types and patterns, and most are 3D. A little piece of magnet can bring a world of culture, architecture and history right in front of your eyes. It can satisfy your senses and enrich your life in a way you have never imagined.

The Pleasure of Giving LexaLu Gift Sets are great value packs, designed and pre-packed with selected products. They promote health and exercise, improve life style, strengthen your spiritual well-being, introduce cultural experience and broaden your horizon.  Lexalu Gift Certificate is a convenient and considerate way of gifting!  With LexaLu Gift Certificate, your recipients will be given ample choices of shopping at LexaLu.com, and they will appreciate your generosity and your discovery of their eco-friendly and healthy choices.  You can Shop by Occasion: Anniversaries, Beach and Pool, Birthdays, Business, Children, Chinese New Year, Comfort, Easter, Father’s Day, Get Well, Graduation, Halloween, Holidays, July 4th, Sports & Health, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Travel, Valentine’s Day, as well as Seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) and Global (Asian, Europe, America).   LexaLu Photo Cards are uniquely designed and developed by LexaLu artists, who have traveled around the world to capture the images and are inspired by our real life moments. These photo cards serve special occasions or holidays with various themes such as love, friendships, dreams, scenery, travel, and children, or when you just want to let someone know “thinking of you.” You can customize cards with your own words. Grab a stack of cards on your way out. Lexalu is a place for one stop shopping. For the collector, please check on themes and motifs for animal, architecture, children, dream, love, global scenes, music, peace love joy and spiritual.

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We, at Lexalu.com, are here to make the world a better place.  May our products bring you protection, inspiration and best of luck.


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