Fancy Whole Water Chestnuts

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Fancy Whole Water Chestnuts. Inspired by traditional Asian Cuisine.  1922. Ingredients: water chestnuts, water, citric acid. Total fat 0g. Cholesterol 0mg. See pack for complete information.  Net Wt. 15oz (425g), Drained Wt 8oz (227g).

Add this creative touch to your cookery.  The distinctive crunch of Oriental water chestnuts adds an authentic touch to any meal.  The delicate flavor is especially delicious in your Oriental cooking or salads.  La Choy Water Chestnuts have a characteristic nut-like flavor and crisp texture.  They offer a gourmet elegance to many entrees and side dishes. - Slice and add to chow main, chop suey, and other Oriental dishes.  - Chop and stir into cooked vegetables. - Slice and toss in salads.  - Dice and mix with casseroles, dressings, and meat loafs. 

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