2-Pack Bamboo Vinegar and Bamboo Charcoal Soap

  • Model: L0000335vc2


2-Pack Bamboo Vinegar and Bamboo Charcoal Soap  An excellent cleanser and moisturizer for your delicate skin.  Natural Bamboo Vinegar and Bamboo Charcal Soap for hand and face.  Plant based, strong odor control, and naturally anti-bacterial, it unclogs the dirt that builds up under skin, cleans excessive oil in pores and removes unhealthy skin cells. Bamboo vinegar and bamboo charcoal are known to disinfect and clean the skin.  For sports enthusiasts, keep a bar in your gym bag to use after a sweaty workout. Give your skin a mini spa treatment it enjoys.  For best result, use both daily.  Skin types: vinegar soap for all, charcoal for oily, mixed.  Usage instruction: Wash with water, massage lather in, rinse thoroughly with warm water.  Color: green, black.  Weight: 90g per bar.

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