Premium Grade Teady to Eat Chestnuts Castanas

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Premium Grade Teady to Eat Chestnuts Castanas.    100% Natural.  No Preservative.  No Coloring.  No Seasoning.  Homei Chestnuts are carefully selected from the best source.  Using teh traditional way, then roasted and packed with modern machinery.  Prividing the freshest and tastiest chestnuts for your totoal enjoyment.  Rready for consumption.  Nitrogen pack for freshness.  Net Wt:: 5.28oz/150g.  Ingredients: 1st grad Chestnuts.  Eating suggestion: Consume Homei Chestnuts straight from the pack upon opening, or sonsume them warm by either using microwave at high setting (remove chestnuts from foil pouch) for 10-15 seconds or toaster over at 325 C for 5-10 minutes.  You can add them into ice cream, cookies, cakes or when cooking. 

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