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Saturday, 23 March 2013 21:20

Mother’s Day, such a wonderful time; thinking of your mom -- whether she is near or far, she is and will always be with you. Maybe ever since high school, you wanted to give your mom something special. Maybe you like to introduce a new color scheme. Maybe you like to surprise her by bringing her something out of the ordinary. You have been looking for that perfect gift and now you are getting frustrated. Deep down in your heart, you know she would be happy just to see you. A mother’s love is like an ocean, grand and endless. Still, you like to bring her something special on this Mother’s Day. When choosing gifts, we tend to think about what the person likes and needs, which is a good thought, but it should not be the only criteria. Gift giving is a great time to expand our horizon, introduce a new experience, and give a nice surprise. Be loving, caring and generous on Mother’s Day and on any days. Here are a few gift selections recommended by

Wish Mom Love, Health and Fortune

Natural stones, after thousands of years of formation and reformation, are believed to possess healing features. Natural Stone Bracelets Gift SetIt is a way to connect with nature and strength spiritual well being. For example, Rose Quartz attracts love and business. Rutilated Quartz, on the other hand, brings fortune and health. A perfect Mother’s Day gift. offers A Pair of Natural Stone Bracelets Gift Set (Love Quartz & King of Crystal): one Rose Quartz Bracelet --Crystal of Love, radiant, nourishing Qi, strengthening health, and a love symbol; one Golden Brown Natural Quartz Bracelet – King of Crystal, rare radiant natural titanium Quartz is a source of energy and fortune. (Model: LJ000000(2))




Give Something Echo-friendlyBamboo Table Set

Simple and Elegant Bamboo Table Set 16 Pieces. Accent your table with a touch of Asia with this bamboo set, including 4 sets of beautiful two-tone placemats, coasters, carved chopsticks and bowls. Bamboo is a fast-growing, highly renewable resource, which requires no replanting. It's extremely durable and an ecologically responsible alternative to wood.

Your mom will love this practical table set. (Model: L0000367S1) Also take a look at many bamboo products on  Collapsible bamboo basket is another good option.

Give Something Exotic

5 Assorted Exotic Ornaments / Lucky Charm Value Gift Set for joy, peace, love, protection and good luck. 5 Assorted Exotic Ornaments / Lucky Charm Value Gift Set.These ornaments called Xiangbao, literally, aroma pouch, is a Chinese lucky charm with a long history. It is made out of colorful and elegant silk or cloth, and traditionally containing mixed Chinese herb powder, which is believed to expel the evil spirit and wickedness, and to bring auspiciousness and prosperity, turning bad luck to good luck. It has been passed down as a work of art, and today, simply a token wishing for better life. Gracefully articulated in various styles and with double sided art work, some present mini embroidered clothing and boots; others are in heart shape with the character of happiness on it; still others express wishes for peace at home and safety on the road. For peace, love and joy, it can be hung on door knobs at home, or on the office wall, or in a car, or simply on the tree for decorations. It can be attached to anything as desired, such as music instruments, handbags or backpacks.

An ideal gift for spiritual well being and protection, and will surely cheer your mom up on her special day. (Model: L0000318(5))


Give Something Different?

Handmade Woven NecklaceMom may tell you she has enough jewelry in her jewelry box, but does she have any Handmade Woven Necklace and earrings? This is a rare collection with unique designs, meaningful patterns and vibrant colors.  It is not only the colors chosen but the surprising use of the combination of the colors in the designs. The jewelries are of distinctive style and unusual shapes with a dash of ethnic fashion and modern mix-and-match. The designs are inspired by ethnic groups, and each piece has meanings of its own for your protection or spiritual love. Artists use these ornaments to expresses theirHandmade Woven Earrings insights into the human experiences, and thus, give them style and personalities. They speak to you and enrichyour life.

Wearing it, you are to give new meanings to it. You are going to impress your mom by bringing this addition to her collection.

Introducing a few new colors into her jewelry collection wouldn’t hurt regardless of her age, believe me, she is young at heart. (Model: L0000002, and matching earring Model: L0000024)


Give Something Spiritual

Tibet Silver Bracelet (fish2, red/black).Tibet Silver Fish Bracelet. Simple, unique design and part of the fish collection. Quality handcrafted, shiny finish, and natural stone beaded bracelets decorated with carved Tibet silver. It is believed the combination of shiny silver and bright red coral and blue/green turquoise brings health, fortune and protection. Fish, regarded the God of the Water by the Tibetans, is believed to lead beings out of darkness to brightness. Fish patterns are a distinguished design in Tibetan style jewelry. Tibetans believe in the power of shinning fish eyes and that the fish's aquamarine fins reflect the shine from its soft and smart eyes. Male and female in one body, crossing over clean or dirty water, fish live and swim freely in water; diving in deep and navigating through muddy water, fish can still remain clean and shinning. When you are in dark, follow the fish’s shining fins to brightness; if you feel unlucky, fish can lead you to luck as you extricate, resuscitate and detach from mass.

With this spirit, no matter what situation you are in, you will come out of it all right - a refection of mother's inner strength. (Model: L0000305rbk)


Give Something Good for Her Health

LexaLu Sports / Exercise Eco-friendly Gift Set is an amazing gift will encourage you mom to do more exercise and do something for herself.

This 10 pieces Eco-friendly Sports and Exercise Gift Set contains:Sports / Exercise Eco-friendly Gift Set for Women / Men(10)

  • 2 Wrist Sports Watches (3ATM Water Resistant Silicone 0.4 OZ each, Medium Size)
  • 2 highly absorbent, naturally anti-bacterial and deodorant bamboo fiber facial and hand 10.5"x10.5" towels
  • 2 bamboo vinegar (green) and bamboo charcoal (black) soap bars, excellent cleansers and moisturizers for hands and faces (90g);
  • 2 pairs of silky soft, breathable, and antimicrobial bamboo fiber socks (size: 7-11, 7-12.5, stretching)
  • 2 100% bamboo charcoal deodorizer and humidifier pouches for exercise backpacks.

Model: L0000340wmgb share half with the man in her life. Model: L0000331w2 for women.

Give Something to Pamper Her Feet

3-Pack of Eco-friendly Dress / Casual Bamboo Socks 3-Pack of Eco-friendly Dress / Casual Bamboo Socks for Women. Silky soft, seamless toe, breathable, antimicrobial, naturally fights odor, wicks moisture, and keeps you dry, cool and comfortable. Material: 80% Bamboo Rayon; 18% Polyester; 2% Spandex. (Model: L0000326wa3) Many more socks colors are available (unisex).


Give Something That Money Can Not Buy – Your LOVE.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, LexaLu offers Free $10 gift card and Free shipping with order of $50 or more. All items mentioned in this article are available on along with LexaLu complimentary gift pak and card designed for Mother’s Day. LexaLu signature cloth gift bag may apply to some orders for free., essential accessories is your source for essential fashion and deco accessories including unique jewelry designs, exotic hanging ornaments, eco-friendly bamboo products, unusual gifts and gift sets.