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Holiday offers and free giveaways are available at ! Print
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Thursday, 15 December 2016 06:04

We wish you and your family happy holidays!  Holiday offers and free giveaways are available at !

This is an exciting time at  Thank you for your support!  Check out All Time Bestsellers and Shop by Occasion including Happy Holidays gifts. Take a moment to explore LexaLu's exciting new offers/programs such as Global Virtual Travelers and Inspire Young Minds. Thank you. is your source for eco-friendly and healthy home, office, fashion choices including bamboo items, healthy snacks, quick recipes, global education, and creative and travel industries. For offers and promos, like and follow on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. 

LexaLu JustSold5 A Set of I Love NY Toy Monkey - the Color of Christmas Print
Gifts - Holidays & Gifts
Thursday, 24 November 2016 03:21

LexaLu JustSold5 A Set of I Love NY Toy Monkey - the Color of Christmas. LexaLu offers unique gifts around the Globe via Shop by City around the Globe.

LexaLu JustSold3 - Curry Powder Print
Gifts - Holidays & Gifts
Sunday, 30 October 2016 14:07

LexaLu JustSold3 Curry Powder changing ordinary foods into superlative dishes.  Javin Curry Powder is a versatile, healthy flavoring, properly balanced for richness and flavor.  It can be used in cooked or uncooked preparations. See carefully blended authentic spices and recipes.


LexaLu JustSold4 Holiday Photo Holder Cards w/ Envelopes Print
Gifts - Holidays & Gifts
Sunday, 20 November 2016 23:45

LexaLu JustSold4 3 Sets of 10 Holiday Photo Holder Cards 5 1/2x8" w/ Envelopes. Shop for Occasion and Shop for Holidays

Give Your Mom Something Special on Mother’s Day Print
Gifts - Holidays & Gifts
Saturday, 23 March 2013 21:20

Mother’s Day, such a wonderful time; thinking of your mom -- whether she is near or far, she is and will always be with you. Maybe ever since high school, you wanted to give your mom something special. Maybe you like to introduce a new color scheme. Maybe you like to surprise her by bringing her something out of the ordinary. You have been looking for that perfect gift and now you are getting frustrated. Deep down in your heart, you know she would be happy just to see you. A mother’s love is like an ocean, grand and endless. Still, you like to bring her something special on this Mother’s Day. When choosing gifts, we tend to think about what the person likes and needs, which is a good thought, but it should not be the only criteria. Gift giving is a great time to expand our horizon, introduce a new experience, and give a nice surprise. Be loving, caring and generous on Mother’s Day and on any days. Here are a few gift selections recommended by

Wish Mom Love, Health and Fortune

Natural stones, after thousands of years of formation and reformation, are believed to possess healing features. Natural Stone Bracelets Gift SetIt is a way to connect with nature and strength spiritual well being. For example, Rose Quartz attracts love and business. Rutilated Quartz, on the other hand, brings fortune and health. A perfect Mother’s Day gift. offers A Pair of Natural Stone Bracelets Gift Set (Love Quartz & King of Crystal): one Rose Quartz Bracelet --Crystal of Love, radiant, nourishing Qi, strengthening health, and a love symbol; one Golden Brown Natural Quartz Bracelet – King of Crystal, rare radiant natural titanium Quartz is a source of energy and fortune. (Model: LJ000000(2))



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